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MHI develops and manufactures many products designed to expand public transportation infrastructure and alleviate traffic congestion, from high-speed commuter trains to subways and streetcars, as well as traffic management systems, including electronic toll collection (ETC), contributing to better safety and comfort in transportation.

MHI has supplied a wide variety of Transportation Systems during its long history as a Global Engineering Leader. These Systems have been safely, reliably, and efficiently transporting hundreds of millions of passengers worldwide, and at the same time fully satisfying our customers’ most stringent requirements. MHI’s innovative technologies, combined with decades of proven in-service experience, provide our customers with unsurpassed Transportation Solutions.

MHI supplied Singapore with its largest APM System in the newly developed towns of Sengkang and Punggol. This showcase 22.5km intra-city transit system, featuring 33 stations, acts as a feeder bringing surrounding residents to multi-modal stations connecting with subway and bus networks. The fully automated System provides safe, attractive, and cost effective transportation utilizing Mitsubishi’s state-of-the-art “Crystal Mover” vehicles.

In addition to Automated People Mover Systems, MHI has over 30 years of experience in the mass transit industry, including High Speed Rail, LRTs, and other innovative technologies.
MHI’s suspended monorail has been in successful passenger service for over 30 years. The suspended monorail has the unique advantages of maximizing the efficient use of public space, providing safe, reliable and quiet operations in all weather conditions (i.e. snow, ice, heavy rain) due to its enclosed running gear.

One of the cornerstones that supports the advanced transportation system is the Maintenance Vehicle. With the utilization of vast know-how and the latest technology, various Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Maintenance Vehicles are actively participating in our daily lives. Specifically, Image Processing Technology and Control System is one of the advanced technologies that symbolize Mitsubishi Heavy Industries capability. As a basis we provide the most advanced competent and reliable technology for transportation worldwide contributing to an automating system that requires less labour always seeking the next step to further contribute to society.

For more than eighty years. MHI has supplied many types of air-brake and highly advanced electro-pneumatic brake equipment for all kinds of rolling stock, such as that used by the metropolitan subway, the “Shinkansen” (bullet train), monorail cars and new transportation vehicles. In the field of marine propulsion systems, electro-pneumatic remote control systems for main engines have been delivered to customers all over the world to fulfill their varied needs.

The traffic of vehicles, which can be a symbol of the affluent urban area, though, has brought about many problems, e.g. traffic congestion, accident and so on, as it spread over. The problems also include such environmental problems as exhaust gas, noise and so on, and mass consumption of energy.

The “Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)”, which are now promoted as the international agenda to try to solve these problems, targeting “the improvement of safety, transport capacity, and comfortableness as well as the environment protection”.

MHI will always constantly endeavor to realize the ITS for the 21st century, developing a great variety of technology including the Electronic Toll Collection Systems (ETC), some of which are already realized.
MHI Engineering and Industrial Projects India Pvt. Ltd. (MEIP) shall be responsible for system integration of transportation projects under Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) mode of execution.

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