EPC Contractors For Waste to Energy Plant

Mitsubishi Waste to Energy Plant
  • From Feasibility Studies to After-Care– a Full Range of Services
    • Modern society produces an increasing volume of refuse with a growing complexity of combustion characteristics.
    • Mitsubishi waste to Energy Plants offer stare-of-the-art technology in power plants, combustion and environmental control, and enjoy an excellent reputation in many countries all over the world.
  • From Compact to Ultra-large Plants
    • Mitsubishi Waste to Energy Plants are available in wide range of capacities from 40t/24 h per unit to 1200t/24 h per unit.
  • Complete Combustion
    • At the heart of incinerator, MHI’s unique reverse-acting stoker system provides a powerful agitating action during the combustion process, to ensure complete combustion of a wide variety of solid refuse.
  • A Full Range of Automatic System
    • From refuse receiving system to ash discharging system, the entire incineration is governed by automatic system and is automatically monitored from central control room.
  • “Waste-to-Energy” System
    • Steam recovered from incineration process is used to drive turbines to generate electricity.
  • Total Pollution Control
    • Secondary sources of pollution such as harmful gas, waste water, ash, odours, noise and vibration are completely eliminated. Mitsubishi Waste to Energy Plants are designated for total pollution control.
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